Salvatore Caputo Managing Director Salvatore Caputo
Salvatore has most recently been pursuing his passion for Renewable Energy. Salvatore was appointed Projects Manager of Prime Found in February 2012 as responsible for raising new finance for special projects. Since then, he has been involved in acquiring and disposing of more than 190 MW of solar and wind projects for PF throughout Europe. Salvatore focuses on investment activities in the alternative energy sector in Europe and he is responsible for all aspects of the direct investment process, including origination, negotiating and structuring transactions, as well as managing investments and also for procurement activity. Prior to joining Prime Found Group, Salvatore worked for 8 years in the IT and technological research and development in the field of renewable energy, where he focused on hardware, clean tech and technology services. He is a skilled and proven negotiator with a creative involvement in all aspects of the transactional process.
Gianluca Pennesi Finance Manager Gianluca Pennesi
Gianluca joined PF after completing a 3 month internship. Gianluca began his career as a technical consultant at an Italian company involved in development of renewable energy projects and he was in charge of carry out inspections for the realization of photovoltaic systems. Since joining PF, Gianluca has been involved in activity such as seeking potential investors and investments, projects for energy efficiency,  provides analyses  and optimizing the corporate energy balance and also he devotes considerable time to improved financial results by implementing performance enhancements and cost reduction programs. Gianluca is a graduate of the University of Bologna with a degree in Business Administration and he is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Administration and Company Innovation.
Teresa Di Lucchio International Relations Officer Teresa Di Lucchio
Teresa joined PF in 2014 after graduating from University of Basilicata with a degree in European Languages and Cultures. Since joining Pf, she has assisted PF with managing all aspects of the daily operations of the office including  provides advice and input into new or proposed facilities, communication, staffing issues, establishes and maintains contacts with local and foreign businesses, supervises Company’s international relations translating the daily correspondence and easing the visits and telephone communications with foreign companies. She is also responsible for managing the website on a day-to-day basis. A native speaker in Italian, Teresa speaks English, French and Spanish.