Prime Found is a responsible investor and operator.

PF seeks to partner and invest in renewable energy projects and companies, primarily in Europe. PF recognizes also need to consider the non-financial elements of our investments such as the human, social and environmental impacts.

These objectives will be met by respecting the values that have always distinguished our activity:

  • our will to respect and protect the environment
  • our commitment to social responsibility
  • our interest in economic and cultural development

We promote these values within PF and within our portfolio businesses.

PF specializes in acquisitions, joint ventures and project finance transactions.
PF not only invest its own equity, but also raise third parties capital in order to realize renewable energy projects.

PF is a long-term investor and with its dedicated team of experts that evaluates potential investment opportunities, can undertake projects in fully equity or in combination of debt and equity and also provides debt finance to renewable projects.

If you would like to discuss a fund strategy with a member of the team, please contact us.