Prime Found’s mission is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide through the promotion of the development of renewable energy.

PF has all the necessary skills to analyze the energy markets and availability of resources and to identify when and where renewable energy can best be adopted.

PF’s energy specialists have the necessary expertise, experience and commitment to plan and implement projects of green energy, replacing traditional energy-based fuel by renewable energy.

PF offers expertise and resources across the project lifecycle to ensure successful project development, including scouting, origination, site selection, finance, planning and design, permitting, obtaining, construction, maintenance and subsequent decommissioning activity. In addition, PF provides project evaluation services, including strategic planning, market definition, resource evaluation, economic analysis, and technical assessment to determine project and technical feasibility.

PF is carrying out direct investments for the construction of plants and investors or interested parties may enter inside already implemented projects without incurring any risk (and based on the needs of the investors, if necessary, finding out together the best way to exit the project).

The strategy is based on an evaluation of the markets attractiveness and PF’s ability to create value.

PF is focusing on four areas:

  • Development and reasearch activities
  • Investment activity
  • Construction
  • Maintenance